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New Hope Kapolei exists to fulfill God's purposes in this generation by impacting people far from God to become passionate disciples commited to Christ, Community, and the Cause. Please feel free to contact us.

Glenn Yamaguchi – Senior Pastor

GlennNever having been to church, when Glenn became a Christ follower before his senior year at the University of Hawaii – it was a shock to say the least. He graduated with a degree in Business but pursued the calling to expand God’s Kingdom with Campus Crusade for Christ. God built on that dream and placed a desire to start a faith community where love would flow freely and people were a voice of hope.

Desiring to be better equipped to serve the Lord for the long haul he sought to deepen his understanding of the Faith. He moved to California where he earned a M. Div. from Talbot School of Theology. Glenn then returned to Hawaii and served on staff with a local church, only to be laid off a year later. What a blessing in disguise, at that time he met the love of his life, Rika, who amazingly agreed to marry him. They have three cute kids thanks to her. He spent two years in the marketplace doing sales as he sought to provide for his new family.

He eventually returned to the Ministry on staff with New Hope Oahu, and in 1999 he gathered a group of eleven friends in a living room in Ewa and began New Hope Kapolei. It has been one of life’s greatest pleasures for him to serve alongside new friends and old friends at NHK. Glenn is addicted to Peet’s coffee but will settle for Starbucks. He loves fishing, epic movies, hanging out with friends and family in his spare time.

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Ed Ganigan – Assistant Pastor

EdEd's life changed when he became a Christian through the ministry of Campus Crusade for  Christ during his sophomore year at the University of Hawaii at Manoa.  Even before graduating with a degree in Speech, Ed sensed God leading him to invest his life in the Kingdom as an equipper of the God's people. 

Though Ed wanted to receive formal training immediately after graduating from UH, God had another time table in mind.  Over the next 6 years he found himself at work as an educator coupled with a few years as an intern at a local church. 

In August of 2000 he finally headed off to Southern Cal to attend Talbot School of Theology, but not before marrying his college sweetheart Nora in 1998.  While pursuing his studies he served at Cerritos Baptist Church and later at Catalyst Christian Community in Long Beach.  Ed received an M. Div in 2004 and a Th.M. in 2006. 

While in California God blessed Ed and Nora with two precious boys: Joshua who arrived in 2005 and Zachary in 2007.  They're favorite family outings are going to baseball games together!

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Donna Pagay – Office Manager

DonnaI grew up in Makiki and lived in a household that didn’t have a push towards any specific religion but because I attended a Christian pre-school as a child, I believe this formed my belief in God. In fact, growing up, I always thought I was a Christian because I believed in God, but I never fully understood what it really meant to be a Christian. In December of 1987, I was invited to a Church Christmas banquet by a friend and finally heard and understood the ‘Good News’ of salvation. It was then that I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior and my life was never the same.

I graduated from UH at Manoa with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and worked in sales for many years and at the same time, always kept busy in various ministries at church. My greatest joy comes from knowing Him and trying to be a good witness of God’s love, grace and mercy.

I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband Jeff, a loving family and great friends! I consider it an honor to be able to serve God and my New Hope Kapolei family.

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Ahmoi Giddens – Accounting Administrator

AhmoiOne day, a friend of mine asked me to visit her church. I was already going to church didn't feel the need for anything else. It was a natural response for someone who was brought up in the church. Nine years at a catholic school not to mention weekends at my home church(Protestant). My family was very active in the church so we spent a lot of time there. This was the infancy of my faith. As an adult, naturally, I believed that being involved with the operations of the church, I was maturing spiritually as well. Little did I know that one has nothing to do with the other. It wasn't until I started to attend New Hope Kapolei did I realize that I was spiritually stagnant. I was literally going through the motions but not growing. To grow, you need to be fed. NHK has nourished my faith through fellowship, serving, bible study and prayer. This growth has triggered life style changes in my life as well as an awareness of God's plan for me. What I've learned is that God is always ready to fill us if we just open our hearts.


Jeff Pagay – Frontlines Director

CorinneAs a child I was always drawing and coloring pictures.  I always enjoyed creating something out of nothing.  I continued to draw and paint through high school and today am a freelance artist.
During high school, I recall attending a few Campus crusade events and had an interest in the bible.  My relationship with God was on and off.  Years later (1994),       I ran into an old friend who asked me to go to church with him and it was then that I began my true Christian walk.
I loved learning about the true and living God, Jesus Christ.  I started out serving as an usher, and then got involved in the Praise and Worship team.  My passion is art, music, and worship so I continued to play on various worship teams at New Hope Oahu and was involved in various other ministries.  Recently, God blessed me with the opportunity to help the youth Praise and Worship team which I truly enjoy being a part of!

I was praying for a wife and serving in ministry when I met my wife Donna.  It’s truly a blessing to serve the Lord together!

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Timmy Pajimola – Worship Team Music Director

CorinneProfessional musician.  A graduate of Konowaena High School on the Big Island of Hawaii.  Also holds a degree in Computer Technology.  Now uses his gifts in serving God.

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